Creative, Experienced Team
Our team is made up of in-depth and dedicated professionals who have experience in successfully managing assets in the real estate sector. Our team has a proven track record in acquiring distressed assets and turning them around for a profitable sale.

Innovative Strategy
Our strategy is to be alongside our clients in each and every part of the life cycle. We will begin by selecting investments by our customers’ investment profiles, and we will manage these investments until our clients have successfully achieved their goals.

Geographic Spread
SHAGGRA is fortunate to base its headquarters in the world’s richest nation, Qatar, with an international presence in Dubai, Bahrain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Lebanon. At SHAGGRA we are experts in channeling and managing investments in each of our focused geographies.

Strategic Partnerships
We have associations and partnerships with prestigious firms in the United Kingdom, Poland, Vienna, Dubai, Bahrain, Lebanon, and more. Each of our carefully chosen companies provides us with the reach and the distinct advantage of managing our clients’ investments in each of these countries.

Our Philosophy
The SHAGGRA group takes pride in offering exceptional services to every customer, one-on-one. We use our expertise to promote our clients stay ahead of the curve. We believe in building trust-based relationships, and we always strive to put ethics and the interests of our customers above everything else.