Trabzon, which takes place between Zigana Mountains and Black Sea, has been a residential area since 756 B.C. and it is a city even older than Rome and Istanbul with its history. It has hosted many civilizations like Rome, Byzantium, Trabzon and Ottoman and it has a significant place in their histories. Since the establishment of the Republic, Trabzon has become an important commercial and cultural spot in Turkey. With its unique music and cultural background as well as its exclusive local cuisine, Trabzon is a favourite of tourists with incomparable historic places, monasteries, mosques, madrassas, ruins and a breath taking nature. Trabzon, “The City of Princes”, continues to leave valuable legacies for future generations as one of the brightest centers in the country today. Trabzon... It is a bridge, a wonder of nature, connecting the heritage of ancient ages into the 21st century in the Black Sea region. Spectacular, bright and breezy in every sense, colourful and serene... As the blue of the sea unite with dense forests in the unique nature hosting every shade of green, invaluable historical monuments and artifacts keep pace with the modern life. And now an exclusive, prestigious and multi-faceted space of life rise up in this unique city. The project Canbakkal Tower, the most priviliged project in Trabzon, provides you an particular experiment in such a manner you have never witnessed before.

Ground Floor

  • Windbreak
  • Lobby, Reception
  • Waiting Area
  • Floor Corridor
  • Personnel And Administration Room
  • Game Centre Arcade (Billard, Table Tennis, Table Soccer, Group Games, Card Games, Vitamin Bar, Wc)
  • Dressing Room, Shower, Wc (Men)
  • Soyunma, Duş, Wc (Bayan)
  • Dressing Room, Shower, Wc (Women)
  • Jacuzzi, Rest Room (Men)
  • Jacuzzi, Rest Room (Women)
  • Hair Dresser Men
  • Hair Dresser Women
  • Pool (Vitamin Bar, Sitting Area)
  • Beauty Parlour (Manicure, Pedicure Etc.)

    First Floor

    • Fitness Parlour (Men)
    • Fitness Parlour (Women)
    • Vitamin Bar (Men)
    • Vitamin Bar (Women)
    • Rest Area (Men)
    • Rest Area (Women)
    • Bath (Men)
    • Bath (Women)
    • Sauna (Men)
    • Sauna (Women)
    • Wc And Showers (Men)
    • Wc And Showers (Women)
    • Skin Care Parlour (Men)
    • Skin Care Parlour (Women)
    • Massage Room (Men)
    • Massage Room (Women)
    • Event Hall (Meetings, Meetings Of Women, Birthday Parties Etc.)
    • Children Club /Kids Zone / Kids Club (Game And Nursing Area For Children, Kitchen,

Type 1 (3+1)


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